Team profiles and other interview-based videos for Ultiworld


Raleigh Radiance

Lyra Olson, a player on the Raleigh Radiance, discusses the challenges of starting a women's semi-professional ultimate team and her hopes for the first season.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Support Ultiworld's Membership Drive

I interviewed Ultiworld editor-in-chief Charlie Eisenhood and women's D-I college editor Katie Raynolds about Ultiworld's importance as a news source in the ultimate community and the necessity of supporting the site through the membership drive.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Nashville Nightshade

A video profile highlighting the Nashville Nightshade, a women's semi-pro ultimate team in Nashville, TN. Nightshade player Jenn Stewart, coach Tobey Balzer, and owner David Trett discuss the first season and their thoughts on the future of the team.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor