Team profiles and other interview-based videos for Ultiworld.


Support Ultiworld's Membership Drive

I interviewed Ultiworld editor-in-chief Charlie Eisenhood and women's D-I college editor Katie Raynolds about Ultiworld's importance as a news source in the ultimate community and the necessity of supporting the site through the membership drive.

Raleigh Radiance

Lyra Olson, a player on the Raleigh Radiance, talks about the challenges of starting a women's semi-professional ultimate team and her hopes for the first season.

Nashville Nightshade

A video profile highlighting the Nashville Nightshade, a women's semi-pro ultimate team in Nashville, TN. Nightshade player Jenn Stewart, coach Tobey Balzer, and owner David Trett discuss the first season and their thoughts on the future of the team.